Monday 10 October 2011

Non-Tech People Scare Me

Sometimes I'm terrified of the non-technological people.

I think it is because I'm not really sure what goes on in their heads.  Currently it is the "letter writers" that are at the top of the freaky list.  I'm not really sure if these people exist outside my life or if it is only me that has the ability to find them.

Have you ever listened to a person complain about a company or a product and somewhere in the conversation they manage to work in that they are, "going to write a letter"?
That is usually when I perk up, "Do you mean send an email?"
"Nope, write a letter."
And they've lost me.  How can it possibly be more effective to write a letter on a piece of paper and mail it to a corporation that seems more likely are just going to junk it than forward it to the person you want to see it.  Do companies even have protocols anymore to handle the paper letter?  In the days of contact us email addresses and feedback forms why write a letter?

It seems that my dad has taken this to the extreme.  Mom was telling me about this feud, for lack of a better word, that dad had with another person in the smallish town they are from.  They were taking shots at each other by writing letters to the newspaper and then sending rebuttals.

Lets break this down for a minute.

  1. 1 hour = Get paper and pen, sit down and write your letter.
  2. 1 hour = Find or buy envelope and stamps.
  3. 30 min = Take letter to mailbox.
  4. 2 days = Wait for letter to get to the newspaper.
  5. 1 day   = Wait for newspaper to decide if it is worthy of putting in the paper.
  6. 1 day   = Wait for newspaper to come out the next day with your comment in it.  
Adds up to 4 days and 2.5 hours, just to get your comment in front of the person it was intended for.  Double that now to see how they respond.  It would be like watching the "electric company" word makers send youtube clips back and forth.  Imagine a 4 day delay between each part of the word, yikes.

The reason this is scary to me is, who stays angry enough, long enough to use this as a method of arguing with someone?  That is a person that I don't want angry at me.


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